Active Replica’s 6-Week Immersive Bootcamp: The Complete Guide to Building Your Space in the Metaverse

June 27, 2022

Here at Active Replica, we know a thing or two about the Metaverse.

We’ve accumulated years of experience working with dozens of organizations to create inspiring 3D virtual worlds that connect and engage communities. Throughout our journey we’ve received all sorts of questions about how exactly we do it. So, we've decided to share our process with the world!

We are proud to announce our inaugural 6-Week Immersive Bootcamp: The Complete Guide to Building Your Space in the Metaverse. Join us in July and August for a fun and interactive workshop series, where you’ll learn about the skills and technologies that build the open Metaverse, and how you can use them to connect your community.

Do not expect a yawn-inducing Zoom course or webinar! This series will be immersive and participatory with audience member’s embodying an avatar and experiencing unique virtual worlds during the workshops.

Participants will gain an applied understanding of what goes into creating 3D virtual worlds and immersive experiences" 

Each one-hour session will include a participatory workshop led by our founders and team members, followed by a fireside chat with an expert guest speaker. You’ll exchange ideas, learn tools of the trade, and take part in illuminating discussions—everything to make you more empowered to bring value to your community or organization. 

Our session topics will cover all aspects of the 3D virtual landscape.

  • Exploring the Metaverse will introduce participants to the 3D virtual ecosystem with a tour and exploration of Active Replica’s virtual spaces. 
  • Designing 3D Worlds will be hosted by Active Replica’s resident architect, who will discuss the planning and design process of 3D digital construction. 
  • Your Body, Your Avatar will be led by XR performer Ari Tarr who will show you methods he's found to improve engagement in virtual space by encouraging people to maintain connection between virtual and physical bodies. 
  • Generating 3D Content will lead participants to discover 3D-modeling tools and scene-building for virtual worlds. 
  • Hosting a Virtual Event will guide you through how to generate content and host a virtual gathering your community will remember. 
  • Connecting Community will wrap the series, with our founders highlighting success stories from the Active Replica ecosystem, and sharing how forward looking organizations are leveraging this new technology.

The bootcamp can be taken all together, or you're welcome to join individual events. You can register to each event by clicking on the event title.

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