August 29, 2022

As part of Active Replica’s continued collaboration with OnBoardXR, we are proud to feature Brendan Andolsek Bradley’s NPC LISTENING ROOM during the Constellation pilot this August.



Step inside the Soundtrack and World of Non-Player Character the virtual reality musical where the audience guides a character without agency through the five stages of grief with original music and live performance from Brendan Bradley.

Experience the Soundtrack of a new kind of Musical!

Listen to the album here.

About the Artist

Brendan Andolsek Bradley is a multi-award winning actor and creator, known internationally as "America's Scrappy Storyteller" (AR Post) with 100+ film and television credits, 50M+ views online, and a leader in the virtual theater movement using open-source tools to reopen theaters. He established The Integrative Technology Lab at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, co-founded The 5th Wall Forum, and is the Artistic Director of #OnBoardXR, a seasonal anthology of live performances within a single web browser. More at brendanAbradley.com/futurestages.

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