Announcing Constellation: Connecting Virtual Worlds Across the Open Metaverse

August 9, 2022

Active Replica is excited to announce Constellation – a network of virtual worlds and organizations linked together in an explorable web-based ecosystem.

Virtual worlds are evolving, and Active Replica is forging a new path into the future of this emerging technology. We’ve spent years helping our customers to gain a foothold in the metaverse and use its potential to bring real value to their organizations. Now we are announcing our newest, most exciting stage of this mission— Constellation.

Constellation links virtual worlds across the web into an explorable ecosystem of content and events to increase engagement and better connect communities around the world.

Connecting Individual Worlds Into a Greater Whole

We’ve been listening to our customers and peers, and what they want in virtual worlds are opportunities for connection. But keeping communities connected requires engagement—a regular heartbeat of events, content, and social interaction. Active Replica is here to take the pressure off. By joining our Constellation Project, you’ll be part of an active and supportive network of organizations that share programs, events, and platforms. You’ll  get more people into your space with less effort.

Your events will be more discoverable, you’ll raise awareness for your organization, and you’ll be a part of something much greater—a growing constellation in an open and explorable metaverse.

Constellation is a network of dozens of virtual worlds across multiple servers and platforms. New protocols and security tools are needed to facilitate navigation across the open metaverse, and Active Replica is working with our partners to implement the Constellation Suite, enabling smooth and secure connection between virtual worlds.

New Audiences and Opportunities

The Constellation pilot taking place in August is linking the virtual worlds of a dozen Active Replica communities. Additionally, we’re adding select partners who will enhance the network. Throughout the month, a series of events, content, and engagements will support organizations and institutions to build mutually beneficial connections and relationships. Sign up to the Active Replica newsletter to stay up to date on the upcoming social events, workshops, cultural exhibits, and more!

Active Replica’s XR Career & Opportunity Fair will be hosted across Constellation. Click here to register for this upcoming event.

Register for the Constellation Beta Today 

In the fall, Constellation will kick-off its beta launch by broadening its scope and encouraging other organizations to join our network. We invite you to join us on this innovative journey as we invent in public and lay the foundations for the industry’s new and exciting trajectory.

Don't forget to register for the Constellation Beta!

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