OnBoardXR presents… MINDLAND

August 29, 2022

As part of Active Replica’s continued collaboration with OnBoardXR, Active Replica is proud to feature Naomi Smyth’s MindLand during the Constellation pilot in August.

MindLand: Improvised solo performance in VR

Welcome to the Play of my Mind. A mental landscape full of memory, association and a changing cast of characters. Each time I create a new show in the moment with where I’m at and what you bring. Participate or observe.

About the Artist

Naomi Smyth is a multimedia artist creating and performing in-person immersive, improvised and participatory shows since 2007, and since COVID has pivoted to XR performance. She is a PhD candidate with Bristol + Bath R&D researching at the intersection of theatre, remote liveness, technology and nightlife.

Why OnBoardXR?

"OnBoardXR provided the creative community and tools I really needed at a time when I was struggling to feel inspired and connected."

“OnBoardXR provided the creative community and tools I really needed at a time when I was struggling to feel inspired and connected. It gave me a tool I could use to make immersive, participatory performance without leaving my home or having to store set, props or costume. I've performed at FIVARS festival twice, got funding from the Arts Council, created hybrid XR/IRL performance with Lost Horizon and been offered speaking and teaching engagements.

OnBoardXR's ethos generously embraces experimentation, failure and accessibility for artists and audiences. The time they've spent on developing the cueing system and supporting artists new to the medium is humbling and inspiring. The opportunities they offer to make and show work attracts courageous creative souls with a great sense of humour. Getting to know creative collaborators on the other side of the world has been wonderful for me.”

- Naomi Smyth

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