OnBoardXR presents… MAGID

August 29, 2022

As part of Active Replica’s continued collaboration with OnBoardXR, we are proud to feature Ari Tarr’s MAGID during the Constellation pilot this August.



A shifty rider, a clever fox, and an ornery wizard. An improvisational magical comedy in a Virtual Reality desert.


About the Artist

Ari Tarr is an immersive actor/director/designer trained in physical theater, french mime and mask, puppetry, multimedia theater, and toured as an actor/director/host regionally and off Broadway. He has worked as an immersive designer and performer for brands including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Disney. In 2015 Ari co-founded a startup creating tools for live XR production. He continued as an XR content producer for several media studios with clients including High Fidelity, Bjork and Coldplay, and also created MedTech VR for live therapy. Ari is currently the VR acting consultant and lead host for the multi-award winning Adventure Lab and the WebXR event company Active Replica. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes and Vice.

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