A Warm Welcome
From Active Replica

Jacob Ervin


Valerian Denis


We started Active Replica in April 2020, from our apartment and basement in Vancouver, Canada. We started with a single 3D room and a handful of talented people. With little to no resources, we knew that we had to work hard, move fast, and make a lot of bets on the future.

In 2020, the pandemic was at its peak and we realized that the only way to rebuild a global community was through technology. Mozilla Hubs was already providing a simple, engaging and inclusive platform by design. Our mission became clear: we had to make these tools accessible to the community and do our best to advocate for the open 3D web. 

Today in 2022, the world is facing an unprecedented transformation. Our perceptions are shifting as communities become fractured by remote work, mental health, and international geopolitics. But here's a guarantee: communication between humans is a light that cannot be extinguished.

The world of tomorrow might come with new challenges. Fundamentally, things have always been like this. People are adapting as well as they can but we see changes in habits and communication. Questions of security and privacy are changing. We can’t shut down silos, trenches, or bridges between us all. The world is in demand for a better, safer, and more transparent internet.

To all our clients, community members, partners, advisors, investors and friends: we are proud to have you with us on this journey. The 3D internet is just in its infancy, but thank you for acting collectively to make it grow into the best version of itself.